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Crawlspace Replacement Doors

Crawlspace Replacement Doors

Please note:

The Crawlbrella crawlspace door is a replacement door, therefore it does not have a steel lintel across the top to support the weight of any bricks above.

If you are installing this into an existing masonry opening, it is most likely that it will already have an existing steel lintel.

It may be attached to the old steel door frame and if it is, you must reuse the existing lintel.

To reuse, cut the bottom of the old door frame in two. Bend the sides of the old frame back and forth until they break off at the top corners near the lintel.

Take a hammer and flatten any rough steel that protrudes from the sides.

Usually there is a locking tab that is located in the middle of the old frame and will need to be removed so the new door will fit properly. Simply grab it with a pair of channel locks and bend it back and forth until it breaks off. Once the new door is installed, you will not see any of the old lintel from the exterior.