Material Choices


color choice

All material is 1/4" thick Polycarbonate and the choice between clear pebblized or smoked pebblized is available for any product ordered.

The clear pebblized allows approximately 98% light transmission.  You will not be able to tell that your well is covered unless you look outside. 
This material is not light restrictive and allows the natural light to shine into your basement.  This material is designed to give you privacy as it  doesn't allow someone on the outside to look in.
The smoked allows approximately 30% light transmission.
The smoked is recommended for crawlspace applications and for those who want limited lighting from their basement windows.

Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable.
It can be cut, sanded, formed and it will not get brittle with outdoor temperature changes.

All of our covers will support at least 300 pounds.


HDPE Samples

HDPE Samples

HDPE Samples