Crawlbrella Crawlspace Door - Exterior Flange Design

Weight 25.00 lbs
SKU 17516
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Crawlbrella replacement doors.

*The finishing touch for an encapsulated crawlspace*

If your current crawlspace door is rusted out, will not fit in the frame any longer and is allowing drafts, rodents, etc... into your crawlspace area, then this is an answer to your troubles.

Welded aluminum frame construction with a solid 1/2" thick Polymer door.
The Polymer is UV, water and weather resistant.

The Polymer material is available in three standard colors.
    1.) Gray
    2.) White
    3.) Black

Click here for COLOR CHART

Door has a padlockable cylinder for security.
Rubberized weatherseal to prevent drafts.
The door core is fully removable from the frame  (no hinge).


Designed to be a permanent solution for replacing your existing crawlspace door. 

This style of door is slightly recessed in the opening about 1-1/2" deep and the flange surrounds the exterior of the opening. The exterior flange is 1-1/2 wide.
*the example picture shown is with a 4-sided flange and the white polymer material.


Please click on this link Crawlspace door how to measure.

*We will work directly with you to determine the exact size and design of the replacement door that will work best with your application.

Use the estimate request button to submit your dimensions and photos to obtain pricing information.