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Lux-Right Areawall Comparison

From a product stand point, Areawalls may seem quite obvious due to the straight forward nature of a product that is designed to "hold back the dirt" as some may say. There are differences however, and the following will help differentiate our Lux-Rightâ„¢ walls from other sources.

The Facts

  • AREAWALL PROFILE: "SPC" maintains a larger dimensional opening for light, ventilation, and increasing egress concerns. Other sources have shorter faces that taper noticeably to the foundation. Our measurements are net clear inside measurements, not mounting hole center to center or outside overall.
  • NON-SECTIONAL CONSTRUCTION: Assembled walls can separate due to frost heaving. All SPC Lux-Rightâ„¢ Areawalls up to 60"are made of one piece sheet steel. While Areawall integrity is dependent on proper installation, Lux-Rightâ„¢ Areawalls cannot separate, avoiding an expensive call back. TERRACE STEPâ„¢ and all Areawalls 72” and taller feature secure factory spot welded construction. “No assembly required”.
  • FULL ROLLED DOUBLE BEADS: Top and bottom on 48" and higher Areawalls, top only 36" high and below. Beyond adding strength, roll formed beads make handling and installation easier and safer for anyone that works with the product. No other source has this feature.
  • HUG-TIGHT FLANGEâ„¢: All SPC Lux-Rightâ„¢ Areawalls have either a die formed flat flange or our improved Hug-Tight â„¢ flattened flange for increased strength and installation integrity. This is an exclusive in the Areawall industry. This means easier and cleaner installation minimizing the time required to get the job done.
  • PRIME GALVANIZED STEEL: Lux-Rightâ„¢ Areawalls are made from commercial grade pre-galvanized sheet steel with a G-90 zinc coating. We can certify as to amount of zinc and gauge of our product from the mill. This is important because the amount of zinc (galvanize) determines the life expectancy of the product. Paint is not zinc! Always ask about decimal and galvanizing specifications.

Distribution Top

  • DEAL DIRECT?: We understand the value of service orientated distribution. SPC does not sell to your customer. We work with our distributors as partners not just customers.

Service Top

  • SPECIAL SIZES: SPC welcomes your requests!
  • DELIVERY: Our delivery record speaks volumes.
  • R & D: Continuing investment in tooling to meet changing market parameters.

· ACCESSORIES: We have quality Life-Step™ ladders, Safe-Step™ bar grates, and Window Well Pictures™.

Pricing Top

  • VALUE PRICING: SPC is listening. Steel Lux-Rightâ„¢ Areawalls continues to be the most cost effective and versatile product on the market for basement window wells.