How To Measure Your Well

For quoting purposes only- just provide us some basic dimensions that will allow us to accurately quote the cost of the product that you are interested in.

After receiving your cost quote and you've determined that you want to proceed, we will work directly with you to make sure that we have the exact measurements needed before fabricating your product.   

Please use the Estimate Request form to submit your request and be sure to include a photo.  If you do not include a photo, it will delay your estimate, as we will be contacting you to supply a photo.


Simple Measurements For Metal Wells

  how to measure

1.) Determine if you have a Semi-Round or Elongated well.
2.) Measure (A) length and (B) width
3.) Measure from outside well edge to outside well edge (A)
     and from the foundation or house wall to the outside
     well edge (B)

Detailed Measurements For Metal Wells

You can use this drawing to provide us greater detail of your well measurements.
With these measurements we are able to better fabricate your cover to fit your well and should not require trimming.

egress well measurements

Concrete & Wooden Well Measurements

rectangle well measurements