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Crawlbrella crawlspace doors.

*The finishing touch for an encapsulated crawlspace*

If your current crawlspace door is rusted out, will not fit in the frame any longer and is allowing drafts, rodents, etc... into your crawlspace area, then this is an answer to your troubles.

Heavy gauge aluminum framing with a 20 gauge metal door core that is insulated  (R-3.0).  Durable powder coat exterior finish that is UV protected.

 We offer five standard colors for the powder coat finish and custom colors are also available.

    1.) Brown
    2.) Gray
    3.) White
    4.) Tan
    5.) Black


Door has a padlockable latch for security.
Rubberized weatherseal to prevent drafts.
The door core is fully removable from the frame  (no hinge).


Designed to be a permanent solution for replacing your existing crawlspace door.
Easily installed into the sides of the existing concrete block opening.

Please click on this link Crawlspace door how to measure.
*We will work directly with you to determine the exact size and design of the replacement door that will work best with your application.
Use the estimate request button to submit your dimensions and photos to obtain pricing information.

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To place your order:
In the options boxes below, select the exact frame size needed to fit within your rough opening dimensions.
We recommend reducing the width by 1/4" and the height by 1/4".   I.e., -  If your rough opening is 32-1/2" W x 24" H, you would order a 32-1/4" W x 23-3/4" H door.
This will give you a little wiggle room for out of square openings.
If you sent in an estimate request and received suggested sizes, be sure to input them into the options boxes above.